Going beyond hyper local

Going hyper local with weather is not easy, and at ArabiaWeather we have been building for years to go as hyper local as possible. Utilizing the best of weather and engineering skills in the MENA region which yielded a beautiful hyper local forecast. We will for the the very first time showcase how granular the forecasts can get. We have heard from many people asking how we can predict snow falls on terrain elevation down to 50m in vertical resolution, and this post will showcase it.

Using ModMS we can do some research and development using the new ModR&D product allowing meteorologists to run complex equations against multiple models to generate a custom hyper local output to their local understanding of the region.

Below is an image of the snow fall expected over Algeria on SAT 16th 2016, It has been generated through the ModR&D and ModMS platforms at ArabiaWeather. Notice the 500m horizontal resolution of snow, the outcome shows Accumulative Precipitation at snow affected areas by mixing and merging multiple global models into a weighted average that meteorologists have learned over years of experience mixed with the ease of use of ModR&D. The results are astonishing, it has been proved multiple times and this post is yet to be updated after the snowy activity is over.

Previously we have posted about dust forecasting and fogforecasting done on top of the same stack built at ArabiaWeather.

Yet To Be Updated post snow event with outcome! Stay Tuned!!

17 Jan 2016

The UPDATE is here, we are looking at processed satellite images, and things look promising with a near 90% mapping of our hyper local snowfall equation. Below is the explanation and comparison.