Realtime Weather Forecast Generation

ArabiaWeather has launched its flagship weather engine late 2015 capable of aggregating, querying and manipulating model data on the fly. With the previously mentioned features of ModMS ArabiaWeather has managed to generate accurate weather forecasts by manipulating the multi-model engine with hyper local regional algorithms developed by regional weather forecasters. The results are proving to be phenomenal enabling weather forecasters to generate more accurate forecasts helping multiple verticals in the market including and not limited to aviation, maritime, agriculture and media.

With the ability to model in realtime, the weather forecasters at ArabiaWeather are generating multiple algorithms and equations that forecast highly specific weather parameters like dust forecasts, radiative fog and others.

" The Core Weather Technology department at ArabiaWeather aims to produce highly performant and accurate systems to enable fast modeling of weather information and data. "

Yousef Wadi Chief Weather Technologist

As a fast growing company, ArabiaWeather aims to remain flexible and fast to be able to generate one of the most accurate weather forecasts in a market with global players.

"ModMS proved to be an innovation enabler with its near realtime performance. The engine consumes millions of data points performing mathematical operations on them to produce accurate forecasts, maps and visualizations. These mathematical operations can be edited by a weather forecaster. With the results showing on the fly, the forecaster is able to optimize his predictions in a speedy iterative fashion. "

Yazan Dabain Senior Software Engineer

Moving forward ArabiaWeather will be producing more regional relevant, hyper local and accurate weather parameters to help businesses in Arabia. Aiming to hit the 500m resolution mark will give the company a large boost in acquiring major market verticals.